A specific scene from some adventure movie, where a guy is imprisoned and offers a hornet stinger to escape, anyone know what it is?

I’m fairly sure the movie was aired on TV in the late 2000s or early 2010s, which is where I watched it. The scene goes like this: Some guy (who I assume is the protagonist) is trapped in some kind of prison, along with a bunch of other super rich looking people. I think they were dressed in the sort of classic turban and flowy robes, with lots of golden accessories, the protag’s dressed like your classic adventurer indiana-jonesy type. Anyways this guard takes him and brings him to a door, and I think one of those slit things opens up and a girl peers out but maybe she just comes out of the door, and she asks what he has to offer. The idea is that all these rich people didn’t have anything she wanted, which is why they’re still in prison, so he offers her something he assumedly picked up on one of his adventures, an “-insert foreign sounding country name- wasp stinger” and she decides to accept it. She brings him through the door, and theres a small sort of colosseum (except with a roof(or maybe they’re underground)) with a little fountain in the middle. My memory gets a little fuzzier here, but I’m pretty sure she offers him some of the water from the fountain and he looks out at a bunch of girls that are sitting in the rows of the colosseum, the main girl and all the others are wearing plain white robes, and then he sees one of them cough up blood (or maybe that doesn’t happen) and he refuses the water. That’s as much as I remember, but I’m pretty sure the roof caves in and someone comes to save him. This could also be a show, but from what I remember it seems more like a movie.