A summer romance movie about a girl returning to her hometown (?) to work for the summer and finds love

Main facts I remember about this movie (watched it in my childhood, so should be before 2010, maybe even up to 2012, but I also don’t think it was made before 2000):

  • A girl in her teens/early 20s comes back to her hometown (not 100% sure, it’s a small town next to the sea of some kind) because she wants to visit a friend of the family (as far as I remember her parents died and he’s all that she has left). She gets a job teaching english to workers who catch fish or something like that for a living - like really basic english (I vividly remember a scene of her showing an apple and trying to teach them that it’s an apple, most of her ‘pupils’ made fun of her for trying to teach them I think?)
  • This friend of the family is a troubled guy who lives in some kind of a boat/trailer close to a pier. He’s had issues with gambling most of his life and he continues to lose - has bad luck.
  • The girl falls in love with one of the workers she teaches. They have a really cute romance.
  • She doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for college but at ending of the movie the older guy plays a game of poker with another guy he dislikes and he wins a big amount of money and pays for her education.
  • While she’s getting ready to leave, her love interest is leaving to go work at Alaska/somewhere cold catching fish. They separate.
  • The ending scene is of her at university where she gets a postcard from Alaska and then realizes it’s not stamped so she runs out to see him and the girl and the love interest reunite.

That’s all I can remember :confused: Thanks for any help!

Greetings from the Shore (2007).

Google: movie|film+“teach english”|“teaching english”+college|university+poker