A Swedish/Norwegian slasher movie from the 90s?

What I’m looking for is a little known slasher film, which came out probably in mid 90s/late 90s. Either a Norwegian or a Swedish one.
The plot was something like this. A group of young people come to an abandoned house, or maybe a house that belongs to the parents of one of them (the parents aren’t there), and they start playing a game of hide and seek. They are looking for each other armed with some fake knives, and whoever finds someone has the chance to “stab” and “kill” them. Obviously, one of them takes the game too seriously and starts killing others for real.
The title was something like “Knife in the Back” or “Backstabbing”, but I can’t find it under that name anywhere.
Help would be appreciated.

No, but thanks anyway. This one looks pretty interesting.
The one I’m looking for came out in the 90s for sure, and didn’t have any supernatural elements. Only kids playing hide and seek in a big house, and there were knives involved.

YES! That is it. Thank you so much.
And it’s not from Sweden or Norway, but Denmark. I had no idea.
Thanks again! You did a great job.

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Is it Villmark?

Is it Morkeleg?