A wealthy hog farmer comes to the big city to find a wife

This is an old black and white movie I saw. I would guess it was made in the 30s or early 40s. I don’t believe there were any top well known actors in it. When I search on Google, it keeps coming up with “The Farmer Takes a Wife” or “The Egg and I”. Those are definitely not it. In this movie, the farmer is fairly young with a country bumpkin persona. He is taken in hand by some people who give him advice about dressing up and getting a haircut. A lady takes up with him and practices memorizing hog varieties so she can act like she knows about his business. Another lady, I think, is a waitress who already knows all about hogs and appears to be more suited for him. That is all I can remember, but I would like to see it again and show it to my wife, if I can ever find out the title. Thank you.

It reminds me very much to Mr. Deeds goes to Town", 1936. At the beginning, he is not a farmer, but a simple writer. At the end, he has in mind to spend a great heritage to poor farmers.

It’s the original to “Mr. Deeds” with Adam Sandler in 2002.