A woman walks on an invisible plank across a mountain chasm, nudges the plank off, then tries to get one of her followers to walk across

Hi, I remember seeing this during the mid-to-late 90s, and I’m not sure if it was a movie or a TV show, but it would have to be no later than 1997 or so, and probably not earlier than the 80s.

In it, there’s a woman who may be some sort of mystic or cult leader, and she is leading a small group of followers through the mountains. But actually, the mountains are a kind of parallel dimension or virtual world that is overlayed on the real world, and in the real world they’re actually in a huge warehouse-like building with crisscrossing catwalks, which in the virtual world are the mountain paths. The film keeps cutting back and forth between the real and virtual worlds, showing the woman and her followers going through the mountains and then showing them actually walking on the building’s catwalks.

They come to a chasm that cuts through the mountain path, and the woman walks on air over the chasm, but it cuts to the real world and you see she’s actually walking across a plank that’s lying across two of the catwalks. Cut back to the mountains, and when she gets to the other side, she subtly nudges her foot and then in the real world you see she’s nudged the plank off and it’s fallen. Then she tells one of her followers, a young man, to walk across the chasm like she did, but she knows he’ll fall because the plank is gone.

While he’s hesitating, another guy comes up and pleads with him not to walk across. It might be the young man’s father, and he probably was trying to find his son and managed to get into the building/mountains just in time? He says something like “have I ever lied to you?”

Thank you so much for any help :slight_smile:


Alien Nation: Millennium (1996).


I’ve searched for “have I ever lied to you” in a subtitle database and surprisingly, there were only five instances of it in the sci-fi genre: