A young adult fantastic movie from the 2000's

Hi there!

I remember a movie I saw at the cinema I think in the 2000’s (somehow I think I saw it around the same time I saw Stardust, the one with Claire Danes). Probably an american film. It’s about a boy/teenager who needs to find some kind of chips/tokens representing elements (water, wood, iron, etc.) (maybe seven ?) around his town or “something bad will happen” (can’t be more specific than that).

The atmosphere is quite dark, set in the modern day. There is some kind of collide between the protagonist’s world and an alternate reality where he needs to complete the dangerous challenges to get the tokens.

I remember two specific scenes:

  1. the protagonist has his ankle injured. He’s at home resting and the villain pays a visit to him. The man discuss with him, threatens him and touches his foot which starts to blacken somehow, and the boy is in pain.

  2. In one of the challenges (water?), the protagonist must fight ennemies in a old ruined church that fills with water.

I also believe that at the end, there’s something about the protagonist’s twin brother being captured for years ?

Thank you to anyone who helps!

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Is it The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising?

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