Action movie, underground lab, deadly disease, soldiers/mercs fight each other to the death

Hi. This movie, I distinctly remember having watched a good deal of it at the beginning. I think it’s a modern movie, fighting scenes were elaborate, it could be post-Matrix or inspired by Hong-Kong martial arts movies. I’d say it should have released between 1990 and 2016.

There’s a lab in which they’re doing some experiment on a disease, they analyse the structure of it, there are two scientists, one is in contact with the disease, the other is checking if the disease’s components are as they should be. So the scientist telling if everything is alright says that one component has changed value so the other should stop immediately, it’s dangerous to keep going, but he doesn’t do anything, so he keeps pressing him but he still doesn’t do anything. It is implied that this is what caused the outbreak.

We jump to somewhere else, it’s the teaming-up scene, we get a group of soldiers or mercs getting together with a scientist. Among the soldiers/mercs, there’s at least one woman and she was or still is romantically or sexually involved with the soldier/merc team leader.
They’re sent to investigate the lab from the opening and they go by helicopter, we get to a frozen desert, maybe a taiga or an Arctic/Antarctic region, where the lab is, the only way in and out of the base is by helicopter apparently. On the surface it’s just a hangar and the lab is underground, accessed via an elevator and maybe a stairway.
In the lab, they discover that everyone is dead except one surviving scientist, the team’s scientist screams to the others to NOT touch him, he’s infected, the surviving scientist starts going berserk, he goes on all four and start jumping on walls and tables and screaming like a beast, trying to reach the main characters, he’s very acrobatic, this is not shot in a silly way but like an action scene, like he’s weightless, maybe they used cables. The team’s scientist enters and shoots the crazy scientist with one bullet to the head when he’s in mid-air about to strike someone. The mission is over, they think, and they can go home, they’re all on the surface, the helicopter is almost there when the scientist makes a call. The helicopter goes back mid-air. The team is pissed at the scientist of course.

“What’s going on?”
“We are all infected. It’s deadly and we can’t risk contaminating the whole world so we stay here.”
“Yeah doc, sure, but you’ll find a way to cure us, right?”
(this is more or less what they said)

And then the scientist shoots himself, there is no cure possible. The group is doomed to die on the base so they organize a tournament where they fight to the death, it’s one against one each round and the whole base is the playground except the room where the others are waiting. So they put their dogtags in a cup, they mix them and they pull two at random each round. The first fight is the team leader against his best friend, I think, they know each other very well. At first I think they wanted to use their guns but they thought it was more fair to use their fists and pistols. The fight has choreography, maybe cables as they seem weightless there too, there might some slow-mo, the fight is mostly hand-to-hand but I think they use pistols and I do think there is some actual bullet-dodging. The fight ends with the victory of the team leader, he was about to finish his friend with a bullet to the head but the latter says something so the team leader says, “You’re right, I can’t kill you like that, I’ll close my eyes”, so he does and he lowers his gun to shoot his friend in his heart. Then he comes back to the waiting room.

This is where I left the movie, but I think I went back to it at one point where the team leader tries to make up with the woman he was involved with. This is all I remember.

Thank you in advance.

could it be “deep evil”?

I am so sorry, people, I just discovered I had the title memorized somewhere within my brain and it’s just now that it finally linked with my memories.

The movie is Paragraph 78, a two-part Russian action movie.