Action movie

I watched a film when I was young, I believe it was between 2000-2010 when it was released, but it could be earlier.

A couple is separated during a mission early on, due to a laser wall if I’m not mistaken, and the place was about to explode.

The man lives and returns to his ex-girlfriend’s house a while later, when he gets there he changes the flower pots according to the color she liked, then her current boyfriend arrives and changes the colors again since he liked another color now.

The two meet and start arguing or something, the woman arrives too and shortly after the three are called on a mission.

It’s an action film with a hint of comedy in the lines and such, but I never found its name.


i would be remisce if i didn’t start with
“this means war”


john woo’s once a thief?

this is the tv show. it had 3 movies too…i linked 1