Adult movie (two x)

It all starts with a man who’s a hotel manager finds a tenant at the hotel to hook up with. The tenant seems to be a girl with blond hair wearing a red floral design frock. They both get undressed and starts cuddling. After it was done, the girl left and another woman dropped by the hotel looking for a room. That woman had big bosom and was wearing a black blazer and skirt, told the manager that she found a red bra at the bin. The hotel manager escorted her into a room and formed intimacy as eventually as they both slowly get undressed and started cuddling. In the second last scene, the hotel is seen to be having intercourse with his friend’s wife twice at the hotel and also in the morning while giving her a massage. In the same morning, they both get caught by the hotel manager’s friend. His friend’s wife asks his husband to leave the door. When everything was sorted, he met that lady at first in the hotel and they both made love as the movie ended. I saw was this movie in 2003 but not sure which year was released. If anyone can help name this two x rated movie would be grateful . Thanks very much.