Affair film

Unknown language. Not English. A married woman having affair with her neighbour. The neighbour fucks her . Nude scenes were there. She having a family with a small daughter and a husband. He is the widower and has one small son. In the first scene husband of that woman arrives in a motorbike to his house in that time the has affair it is seen by her small daughter. Affair continues for many times. One day they having get together. Then husband teases that neighbour. He got angry and get away. In that get-together the prepare pig meat by themselves and barbeque it. The neighbour man is a widower. In a scene the husband of the woman confronts neighbour man relating to the death of the sheep and it is found that it was fucked and killed by that neighbour. After the affair is found and while quarel happens and the small daughter present herself to that neighbour influenced by the scenes she had seen of her mother with that man. While that man finally killed by his own son.

how new is the film?

It reminded me of