Alien abduction movie with a barrier isolating a town, rain water flows up instead of down

  • Alien movie – there is an energy barrier cutting a town off from the rest of civilization. There is a woman trying to escape. It is raining and she notices that the water is flowing up toward the sky rather than down. She is going down a road out of town and is stopped by aliens. She runs into a nearby store and is rescued by a guy in a rain jacket or maybe a fisherman’s poncho. For some reason, when the camera pans up from the ground to the guys backside his bare butt is showing, revealing that he was fighting the alien with just the poncho on. He takes her to his cabin and they gear up. At some point I think she meets up with another young woman and they try to escape. They get to the wall of water cutting off the town and I think one of the women touches the wall and is killed. The surviving woman attempts to escape in a plane. Throughout the movie, people are getting sucked up into the sky by these orbs of white light.

Not a movie, but a TV series, could it be
“Under the Dome”?

@casspir Thanks for replying. I’ve rewatched the complete “Under the Dome” series a few times, so I know that’s not it. Most of the movie took place at night.