Alien trash horror movie

I don’t remember title or actors, even country that made it. It was a trash alien horror. I don’t know the year either, I’ve seen it as a kid in mid 2000s i think, so it must be somewhere 1970-2000)

Aliens in this movie were killing people and after that their bodies were melting and getting soft like jelly (similar to toxic waste acid man from Robocop)

I remember only one scene clearly:
Scene happens on the road surrounded by forest near the town. An alien killed a woman, the police arrived on cars. Group of officers was looking at the body indignantly. Then another officer or cheriff drives up, and apparently without noticing the body drives right into it. Those cops start yelling “UGH, YOU SMEARED HER, WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Aliens in the movie were kinda looked like sea urchins or something but i dont sure. They also were capable to infect humans making something like tumors on their belly.

There was a human main character, and there was a human antagonist, he was infected by aliens and in the end he almost turned into a sea urchin. So these guys had a final fight, and after good guy wins he flew into space on a motorcycle using jump ramp. I remember I was shocked when I was a kid thinking “is it possible to jump up on a motorcycle this high?”
Please tell me I don’t made this up just in my head

I tried watching 80s horrors hoping to accidentally find it but failed. I was feeling similar vibes watching Peter Jackson’s “In bad taste”, but its not THAT movie. Sea urchins sounds like “Critters” but its not even close to movie i remember

here is a picture of the parasite from “scourge” is it that?

i don’t believe scourge ended with a motorcycle to space though