Amateurish movie about four people discussing life

Platform: Netflix (India)
I watched this movie couple of years ago. It’s shot in amateur quality. The film starts with two friends catching up. They’re later joined by a friend known to one of the two. The fourth person happens to be walking down the street and joins them. It’s four people - two women - at the table and each one of them knows only one person at the table.

They start discussing their lives, how it has been how it should be - relationships, work, kids, etc. You feel you’re the fifth person at the table intently listening to their conversations. The interesting twist at the end is revealed when they realize two of them - man and a woman - are actually in an extra-marital relationship and the group disperses.

It’s a great Saturday night watch I had shared with a couple of friends and lost it between Android to iOS shift. Can you guys please help remind me the name of this mcvie?

was it an american film, or at least in english? any other specific scenes you remember?