American thriller from the 90s

Hi everyone. So, my father was watching this film on television at least 20 years ago, and all I remember from it is the following: the suited main protagonist (a Linden Ashby/Andrew McCarthy type) was visiting a massage parlour and, in there, the asian masseuse gave him a massage standing up (I believe it’s called Ashiatsu massage). A couple of scenes later, the pair were making out and, as I recall, it was extramarital because the guy was married or at least had a partner. Unfortunately, these are the only two specific scenes that I remember from the movie. Other than that, I think that the year may be between 1990-2000 (could be late 80s, but I doubt it), the protagonist was kind of a playboy, he drove a convertible and the colour scheme of the movie was very orange/desert type.

Thanks in advance.

2 Days in the Valley (1996)?

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