An 80s comedy, possibly a Police Academy rip off?

It was an old raunchy comedy, very similar to Police Academy. (Maybe Canadian?) It was about a group of recruits who join this academy to become cops and they do a lot of pranks and romance with each other.
The only scene I remember very vividly was this: there was a drunk guy who fell asleep on the ground in a park or a zoo, and as a prank they zipped open his pants and created a trail of bread crumbs from his crotch, so a duck or some other bird would go from crumb to crumb until it bit his willy. The scene ended with his scream from afar, indicating that their plan worked.
It’s not any Police Academy movie.
It’s not Recruits (1986).
It’s not Moving Violations (1985).
It’s not Mortuary Academy (1988).
It’s not Ski Patrol (1990).
It’s not Stewardess School (1986).
It’s not Night Patrol (1984).
It’s not Stripes (1981).
It’s not Private Benjamin (1980).
It’s not Feds (1988).
It’s not The Last Precinct (1986).
It’s not Vice Academy (1989).
It’s not Combat Academy (1986).
It’s not Basic Training (1985).
That’s all I can say.

The Choirboys 1977

I checked some bits of it and this could be it! But I’m not sure yet.
Thank you!

How about Ninja Academy?

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Nah, that’s not it. I think it’s The Choirboys, someone suggested. But thanks for your reply! Looks like I need to add Ninja Academy to my watchlist now!