An old color movie about bodyguard

Hi all, I try to find an old color movie for my friend. He watched it in 2005, so it’s definitely made before 2005. It seems to be American or European, Mystery/Drama/Action, 80s-20s.

-The movie begins with a telescope or sniper lens perspective. The heroine has long blond hair (looks like Cate Blanchett). She is a victim so a policeman (maybe) protects her as a bodyguard.
-She is almost killed twice, one by an old cop with a gun, but the bodyguard comes back in time and kills the old man.
-There is one detail that the bodyguard tells the heroine not to contact the outside world for safety, but she still calls someone with a landline.
-The heroine once misunderstood the bodyguard, and quarreled with him.
-At the end, the heroine is sunbathing on the roof, and then a bad guy comes in and try to rape her. She pretends to be submissive and then pushes him. The bad guy falls from the building and hits on the car parked on the ground.

Thank you for your kindly help.

Maybe this? Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003) Trailer - YouTube

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i haven’t found the answer for you yet, but a redditor is looking for same flick. They say she is being protected from bad police, if that helps anyone else…

could Gary Daniels be the bodyguard?

It reminded me of this one…