Anybody knows this movie made around 2015 about married couple in the 50's or 60's in which the man brutally abuses his wife at the end?

It takes place around the 50’s or 60’s and involves a married couple. It’s a drama/Thriller and was made between 2012 and 2016 (i’m 80% sure) Sadly i only remember the most shocking part at the end. WARNING! Don’t read if you are sensitive to domestic Violence.

Near the end of the movie the wife and husband are in the living room arguing…somehow the wife ends up lying on the hard wood floor, she’s wearing this dark dress up to her ankles. The Husband walk up and pulls the dress over her face while she just lays there. Right then or just before, she pees herself. I think she got knocked out or something. It was very shocking. I also remember shortly after (maybe the same night) the house burns down with the husband in it maybe and then it ends. In my mind i keep seeing Yvonne Strahovski (u know, Serena from Handmais’s Tale or Hannah Mccay from Dexter) as the wife(but it’s not her) She is the same type i feel like.

So there, another one from my long list of forgotten titles

“The Killer Inside me!” 2010

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