Apocalypse/disaster/alien movie with a cheating couple?

I’m trying to find a movie I only vaguely remember, and I can’t find anything on it. I remember the movie starting with a man filming cute videos of his wife/girlfriend, one of them being on a ferry or train ride I believe. But the actual movie isn’t a romance the plot involves something happening to the city and the couple and their friend (or brother?) had to seek safety. At some point they’re in the subway system and it comes out that the girlfriend cheated on him or didn’t love him, something along those lines. I think the main guy might be on a bridge at some point and it may have been a found footage film, but I’m not sure on that either. This is so random and vague that I’m wondering if I made it up or maybe combined movies in my mind? Any suggestions would be great thanks

Pretty sure you’re looking for Cloverfield!!