Apocalyptic movie? Please help

I briefly remembered stumbling upon a pic of a man holding a human head with black spider like legs on tiktok, venom like. I saw another photo of the creature stretching its arms out and almost embracing the man. The setting looked apocalyptic and in a cloudy daylight. No one else was in sight. I never took note of the name of the movie before I swiped it off. I drew the photo to the best of my abilities to see if anyone recognizes it.

I’ve seen this recently, I think the image is being used as a thumbnail for one of those “New Trailers” videos on You Tube. It might be a short sci-fi horror film, like the one you get on the Dust channel. I’ve been trawling through you tube trying to locate it, but no luck so far.

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Maybe “The Mist” The Mist .... Huge Spiders Attack Men In Pharmacy ( Scene ) - YouTube

This Pic?

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Finally found it!

Its a still from Possum: