Art Forgeries TV Movie

The movie is set in a small city or town. A father and daughter have an art gallery where they live, where the gallery is downstairs and they live above it.

The daughter is an artist and she has 3 close friends who are also artists, one guy and two girls. I think they are students just about to graduate.

They seem to have a lot of valuable art but don’t appear to be wealthy. The father has one particular painting is his prized painting.

They are planning a big show for known artists and it’s a tradition that they also show a new artist to give them exposure. I think her 3 friends are hoping it will be one of them and are competing to be chosen.

I think they loan out paintings to other galleries and find out a painting that has been returned is a forgery. It turns out that all the paintings they have loaned out were now forgeries.

I think it was done by a trusted friend and the father figures it out and confronts the person. The father gets murdered and I think he was pushed down the stairs, I’m not sure but at first they think it was an accident.

In the end they figure it all out and she ends up getting all the paintings back. All 3 friends are able to put their paintings in the big art show and everyone is happy.

It’s possible it was an American movie filmed in Canada but I’m not sure. The only actor I recognized was the father but I don’t know his name. I’ve seen him in other things, possibly a sitcom and I have searched for no avail.

I’m guessing it was done in the 1990’s but could also be 2000’s

Thank you for reading

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