Arthouse, European, disturbing , at least 20 years old

I have searched my brain, google, and elsewhere for this movie of which I can only remember a few scenes and the ending… sorta!
It’s a European “Arthouse” movie from the late 80’s/90’s? It’s not a Horror movie per se, but very disturbing.
The scenes I remember: Exterior, night, empty city streets, and a man being chased by dog/s – The man runs and runs, through this older cityscape, with boulevards and dim yellow street lights, and I “think” that this is the ending.
Do the dogs eventually overrun and attack him? I don’t recall.

The movie was received with high praise and very favorable reviews at the time. So it’s not extremely obscure,
[ What I’m looking for is the classical Aria that is played during the ending of this somewhat weird movie]

Thank you in advance, I’ve been searching for this for ages.

It’s been solved; “White God”
Alas, it was not the film that have the Aria I was looking for …