Australian 80s/90s thriller

I rememebr this Australian-based slow-burn thriller from the 80s, maybe early 90s: a couple working on an interview or a documentary visit a decadent veteran film director and his wife/mistress at their high-rise apartment. They view his movies, they get drunk or high, there’s a softcore, out of focus scene where the director’s wife/mistress seduces the younger woman. They seem to be trapped there, locked in and unable to signal for help from the high balcony…

The movie you are thinking of is likely “High Tide” (1987), directed by Gillian Armstrong and starring Judy Davis, Jan Adele, and Claudia Karvan.

The film follows the story of a mother and daughter who travel to Sydney to visit the daughter’s father, a once-successful film director named Lennie, in his high-rise apartment. They get caught up in his chaotic life and emotional struggles, and find themselves trapped in the apartment as a storm rages outside.

The film is a slow-burn thriller that explores the complex relationships between the characters, and features themes of family, regret, and the creative process. It was well-received by critics and won several awards in Australia, including Best Actress for Judy Davis at the AFI Awards.

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