Australian movie with car bomb and aboriginal man

I’m looking for an Australian action or crime movie - my friend watched it in the 90s.

It is about investigation and there is Aborigine man (a cop or a civilian). The bandits planted a bomb in his car. He sensed something and ran away then the explosion occurred. To hide the corpse, there was a construction site built on purpose. I remember that some guy who drove a bulldozer was probably involved in something. Under the pretext of construction, he was lured into the desert.

Somebody said: “My bulldozer will not come here”. Then they want to get information from him, so they left him in full sunlight. They chattered to break him : " I’d like to drink a cold beer served in frosted mugs". And he answers: “Give me a break”.


Just a guess, maybe?:
“Ground Zero” (1987)