Autobiographical film about a teenager filming everything


I’m trying to remember the following film, some details might be wrong: the film is autobiographical, or semi-autobiographical, it’s about a teenage boy or young man obsessed with filming everything in its life, including is own family and their dynamics. There might be an LGBT aspect to it? The poster is a close up of that character looking straight at us, with fairly long blond hair, carrying a Super 8 camera, or a similar looking camera, close to his head.

Thank you very much in advance to whomever might help me!

This seems like a low likelihood of a match, but could it be David Holzman’s Diary? A micro-budget, experimental film from 1967 directed by Jim McBride. It was about a young New York filmmaker who seeks to better understand himself by filming his own life with a 16mm camera on his shoulder. The film is a classic of American experimental cinema. Brian De Palma cited it in a number of early interviews as having a big influence on his own early experimental work.

But the poster is nothing like what you describe. Probably there is a more recent film with a similar plot that I’m not familiar with.

vaguely reminds me of “archie’s final project”

Tarnation (2003)