B/w film 1966 or earlier Judith with claw fingers

In about 1966 saw this movie. All I can remember is this family kept Judith (their daughter.) in a sort of cage and she escaped one night. She went in the house and played the piano. Her fingers were very long sort of like claws. Very scary. Course I was about twelve at the time.


Hi stiepan, the language is English (possibly British English but I don’t think so.) It is what we called a “scary movie” back then. I suppose today it might be considered horror. But very mild compared with today’s horror movies. It was a film but maybe only 60minutes long.

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Don’t remember the cage. Think it was out back of the house, made of chicken wire and wood supports perhaps. Think she was probably NOT rightfully caged because the only thing wrong with her as I remember is her hands.

I asked on Reddit, and this was suggested: The Curse Of The Fly (1965).

This is what he wrote:
" Curse of the Fly has a woman named Judith who was a victim of teleportation experiments and has a creepy hand. She’s not a child but is actually the first wife of the protagonist who now has a new wife. Judith is locked up in the barn with other mutants and is occasionally let out to roam about the house and play the piano…"