Bank Diamond heist from about 1980-2000

The movie story shortly: a man and his friend try to rob a bank vault with diamonds inside it. They cant get in so they rent the room on top of the bank and drill through the floor with a big drill. The main character is a white man. And the movie begins with an s3x scene. Really apricciate your help!

How old is the movie? Maybe
“11 Harrowhouse” (1974)?

Thanks for the suggestion, but its alot newer. maybe 1990-2000? More suggestions?

The year does not match, and not a perfect match, but maybe
“The Trust” (2016)?

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
“The complicated plan requires them to drill into the safe door from the residential apartment above the freezer, to allow them to attack the safe without triggering “failsafe” door locks.”

It was this. Thanks alot!!