Basketball Movie

What I remember about the movie is that the end of the movie is a basketball game where one brother hasn’t played all season and sees the news put him down while hyping the other brother who’s team he is up against. He finally steps up to play to go against his brother.

During that game, the final shot a mentally challenged kid who is picked on and harassed by this old lady through out the movie decided to get revenge. He came to the game at the end and during the last shot he shoots her through the basketball and backboard to kill her. The coach tells his shooter that was a miracle because he screwed up the shoot and they run the same play again.

I always thought the name of the movie was called, “The Game” because that is what I remember seeing on the screen before the movie played. It is an older movie as I saw it when I was younger.

If anyone knows what the name of this movie is, please let me know!

game day

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