Black and white late 40's I am guessing

I saw this movie in the late 60’s to early 70’s. Late 40’s film. Venerable wealthy family. Young woman marries into family. Older woman patriarch in country estate. Somehow and for reasons unremembered the (butler)?? sets the house on fire. The old woman is in bed as the house goes up. Man fights (butler) in burning mansion. I think he was grandson spouse of young woman. Fight on a burning staircase. He grabs granny wrapped in blanket and escapes. This part for some reason is key. The old woman and younger are sitting on a (porch)?? looking up a hill at the ruins of their mansion. Granny says something like "we will survive, we are (like)?? daisies or are Daisies meaning that is actually their name. If memory serves and it might not. This was the end of the movie. Not alot to go on and I am sorry.

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