Boyfriend turned GF to zombies/frankenstein

I only saw it once when I was like 5. It was early 90’s movie. The movie was set like on the 17th-18th century. A man not sure if a doctor has experimented on dead people and was able to make them alive again but their physical features almost similar to Frankentein’s Monster. Sewed faces, bald hair. I remember a scene where one of his experiments escapes and ate the food of the pigs. Then not sure what happened but the doctor/man’s gf or wife died and O think he turned her into a monster too.

The Black Sleep?

If not, was it in color? Are we sure it wouldn’t have taken place in present day?

No it wasnt an old movie nor black and white. I saw it in the early 90s. The settings was like 17th or 18th centuries. They were wearing dresses and outfits just kike those in The Sleepy Hollow.

Sounds very much like “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (1994)
with Robert DeNiro as the Monster
Kenneth Branaugh as Victor Frankenstein
and Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth.

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Oh gosh thanks! Yeah this was it! I was 5 when I saw it. Can’t belive the actors are famous! Lol

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