Can remember evrything about this movie, i just cant remember name of actors and movie name. if you know any information please tell me

the action of the film begins when the main character’s son is killed at the pump (or some other action, I’m not sure), they kill him with a machete. later, when the police find the murderer (Mafia member), the court offers a sentence of only 5 years due to lack of evidence. The disgruntled father refuses to testify against him and takes justice into his own hands. he kills that member of the mafia, but even later the mafia chases after him. I remember one action scene from the parking lot where they try to kill him but fail. later, the mafia broke into his house, killing his wife and seriously wounding him and his son. the son remains in a coma and the father goes after them all. father withdraws all the money in the bank, buys weapons and goes after them, in the end he kills all of them except the boss of the mafia. (I remember the scene where the two are sitting on the bench together and talking about his actions as they actually face each other). This is all I remember, if anyone knows which movie this is or any information, please write it in the comments. Thanks

are you sure it is mafia and not bikers? one man’s justice with brian bosworth has a sinilar premise

death sentence

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