Can’t remember the name of a movie

Help me find this movie!!

So I’ve been trying to find this movie for about a year. I used to watch it with my best friend and we made fun of it. Supposed to be scary but really isn’t. She can’t remember the name of it either. It’s about this guy that was bullied in high school and they locked him in a box and caught him on fire so he wears a mask and he comes back for revenge and kills their kids using their now adult jobs and he saves the guy who set him on fire for last
It’s not slaughter high. It takes place in like the early to mid 2000s. One was killed in the fathers auto shop, one was killed by being gutted and hung by her arms on the shower rod like you would hang meet at a butcher shop. The end of the movie is him putting the last guy in a box and burning it like they did him.

Its not precisely how you described, but I’ll get us started with the obvious one first: