Can't find a period movie about lost love and death

I’m searching for years for an english / british movie from 1990-2005 set in 19th century.

It is about a rich and sad looking gentelman which refuses a love letter from a young lady who falls in love with him. He regrets his decision after she marries!
He tries to confess his love for her too late, and it ends sadly.

There is a gun-daul scene in this movie: the gentelman is forced to kill his best friend in the daul, and cries after his best friend dies from his shot. Please help me find this movie.

Impromptu (1991)?

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Thank you, but it is not “Impromptu” (1991).

In “Impromptu” the gun-duel is played for laughs, the best friend does not die, and the gentleman does not cry over him.
Also, it does not end with the married lady refusing the gentleman love and them separating forever.

The movie I’m looking from is drama with no laughs, with death of a friend and lost love, and ends on a sad note.

Thanks for trying to help me!

Look at my recent post. Are we looking for the same movie because your description has some similar details?

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Sorry, but no.

The movie I’m looking for is set in the early 19th century, and the gentleman is the one refusing the love letter of the lady (not because of a mother).

Also, he kills his friend in an old fashione gun-duel.

Thank you, hope you find yours too.

MudVenom Just found my movie!

It is called Onegin (1999)

Thank you so much!