Cant find my childhood movie

I cant find my childhood movie and this id what i can remember: there is this baby dino who has his birthday and he has a hanging bed at the beach at their house and a mom who is also a dino. I think the baby dino has a brother/sister but im not sure. There is also a fat seal. Then there is a rich man whos name i cant remember. This rich man has a yacht and a dog named otto. Then there is this mad scientist guy i belive. This rich man os out hunting and comes across each other, next thing i remember is them driving in his jeep or other car. Thats all.

The thumbnail/front picture is the baby dino and everyone else in the movie riding a roller coaster

I belive the movie was originally german but im not sure.

Impy’s Wonderland

it has a sequel impy’s island as well


Thank you so much. People like you are who we need more of :smile:

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