Cant remember a film title - recent film

This film is a recent one someme between 2019-2022 . A gay famous film director who has a gay twiggy butler who is kind of obssessed or in love with him. The film is set in his apartment all the time (could be europe) The famous filmmaker has posters of his films hung on the walls. He falls in love with a young gay model and makes him famous actor. But the young man leaves him and he becomes obsessed. He waits for him to call him on his birthday. The guy also has an estranged daughter or sister who also comes over for his birthday but the guy has a nervous breakdown because his lover wont call him.

Peter von Kant (2022).

Source: Feature Film/TV Movie, Released between 0208-01-01 and 2022-12-31, gay, Plot Matching "director" (Sorted by Release Date Ascending) - IMDb