Can't remember. movie. Husbands wife and daughter gets kidnapped

I been thinking about this movie for a while now. It bugs me i can remember it’s name. I really would like to rewatch it.

It about a guy who is on driving the road with his wife and daughter. While they are driving, at night, they get harassed by some guys in another car. At some point the bad guys makes “our” guy stop by doing something. While the are stopped the guys are getting more and more aggressive. I think they have some damage on their car they blame our guy for. At some point the bad guys takes our guys wife and daughter and speeds of. The rest of the movie our guy tries to find them. I think he gets police involved but they are not very helpful. I the end he finds them but to late. They are killed.

Hope someone can remember from what I wrote. Maybe i remner some details wrong but the big picture is there. Thanks :pray:

A Movie lover

Nocturnal Animals (2016)
starring Jake Gyllenhall as a writer on the road with his family, Amy Adams played the wife
They were abducted by rough guys in a pickup truck.

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Omg you are correct :100:
Amazing. Thanks a million. I have spend hours on finding this somehow.

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