Can't remember movie name

Several years ago, I watched a movie. I can’t remember a lot of details of it, but I know it was about a teenage girl whose mother was dying and she makes up this fantasy like world/game where she is hunting a troll/monster to cope with the loss of her mother. Does anyone happen to know what movie I am thinking of? I have tried googling it countless times, and the only things that come up are either Bridge to Terabithia and Trollhunter, and it’s neither of those.

“I Kill Giants” (2017)

Quote from the movie’s Wikipedia page:
“The next day, Barbara climbs upstairs to see her mother, who lies dying in her bed. They share heartfelt messages and Barbara apologizes for avoiding her. After the summer break, Barbara’s mother dies, but Barbara rekindles her relationships with Mrs. Mollé, Karen and Sophia.”

YES! Thank you so much!