Can't remember the name of a movie with a wish granting stone

I can’t remember which movie this is.
All I can remember is that the movie is probably from the 80’s (rather late 80’s).

As for the plot, it starts with some thiefs kinda dressed like ninjas that steal an old jewel. Somehow, the jewel ends in the office of a woman who works at a museum or something. She has a female co-worker who is jealous of this museum woman and wants to be like her, cause she, the co worker, is shy and insecure. The co worker is blonde.

Then there’s a guy who is like a news reporter and he’s after the jewel, and somehow knows the museum woman has the stone in her office. She doesn’t know the stone grants wishes, or gives super powers or something, but he does. He tries to steal the stone but can’t, I think. Then the blonde co worker, who really likes the news reporter guy, somehow gets the stone. She becomes less shy, and also more agressive.

Then the news reporter guy gets the stone, and he has some evil plan to control the minds of everybody through TV. Parallel to this the co worker turns into a winged monster.
In the climax of the movie, the news reporter thinks back to his son and gives up his evil plan.

As you can see, I only remember fragments of the movie… hope someone can figure it out.
Thqnks in advance!

“Wonder Woman 1984” (2020)?

It was not made in the 80’s, but it takes place in the 80’s, and you pretty much describe the plot of “Wonder Woman 1984”, apart from a few details. Quotes from the plot description on the above Wikipedia page of the movie:
" In 1984, Diana is working at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C."
" New museum employee Barbara Minerva, a shy geologist"
" The FBI asks the museum to identify stolen antiquities from a robbery"
“Barbara and Diana notice a Latin inscription on one artifact (the Dreamstone) claiming to grant the holder one wish.
“Barbara wishes she was strong, sexy, and cool “like” Diana and thus unintentionally acquires the same superpowers.
“Barbara, who has transformed into a humanoid cheetah after wishing to become an apex predator.”
The co-worker is blonde and insecure.
At the end of the movie the main bad guy thinks back to his son.

However, the thiefs at the beginning of the movie are not dressed as ninjas, and the co-worker does not transform into a winged monster, but into a humanoid cheetah. The main bad guy is not a news reporter, but a businessman, but he appears several times on TV in the movie, maybe this is why you thought he is a news reporter.