Cant remember the title of this movie

Here is what I rmbr
-An infant heals his dads injured thumb,

  • later (when he is a bit older) the neighborhood kids bring their injured pets for him to heal,
  • he hits a baseball so hard that it falls out of town,
  • he has grown up (and is in a d/t city I think) when he walks into a hospital to prove to the doctors that they have misdiagnosed a lady by touching the xray/MRI machine,
  • he can tell if a person has some type of sickness by touching them
  • (I think he travels a lot either to hide or to look for something)
  • he electrocutes a gate by touching it
  • I dont rmbr seeing any mobile phones or flat screen tvs/computers so Im guessing its an 80s movie

The Gifted One (1989)