Caper movie: parade scene in which someone climbs out of a parade statue and into the window of a building?

I’m trying to remember a caper film, from the 1960s or 1970s, featuring the following scene. It’s a parade down a city street with tall buildings on each side. It’s probably Europe or perhaps South America. Not a huge parade, with people on the street, music and celebration. The parade includes among other things tall “statues” (kind of like giant dolls) — perhaps carried on one or more person’s shoulders — with big heads and bodies with clothes on them. (My memory of the statues themselves may be off a bit. That’s how I remember it.) One of the statue’s is maneuvered close to a building and one of the people doing the caper, I’m almost certain it’s a man, climbs out from the statue — through the “clothing” — and into a building window, maybe the 3rd-5th floor of the building.

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