Cartoon movie about animals and an evil witch, bucket of water and horrible curse

My friend looks for a movie - he watched it around 2013-2015 maybe? i dont have much memory of it but he watched it on an arabic kids channel (so it was dubbed). All i can remember from this cartoon movie is that this movie is set in the world of animals. The humans of that world are some type of bear or koala or maybe pandas? They can speak like humans can etc but they dont understand the speech of other animals (bc theyre supposed to be animals duh). An elder from their community is missing or maybe dead, the bears dont know where he is. there is a painting of him tho. The main villain of this story is a witch who put a curse on the other animals so their speech is incomprehensible and she also put a curse on the elder so that he is stuck inside a painting. The witch doesn’t have a body (she lost it bc of a curse?) but she is actually the form of water and is carried around in a water bucket by a dog. She resides in an abandoned cave. The bears set out on a journey to find the witch and defeat her. At the end, the curse is broken and the people inside the painting are free and the other animals can now talk. I also remember that the dog abandons the witch in the end and he kicks over the bucket by which the water spills.

It is definitely newer than 2000 and rather it isn’t older than 2017.

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Brave (2012 film)