Cash hidden in motorcycle tire

Late 80’s to mid 90’s. I saw this movie on cable. Probably HBO or Cinemax. A guy is released from a prison sentence. He meets a girl and they partner up. The girl has a younger brother that learned how to shoot/sniper in ROTC. There’s some resolution but at the end of the movie there is a lump of cash missing. One of the last scenes is the girl and the guy riding a motorcycle down (possibly PCH) and the bike starts to shimmy. They pull over to a shop to figure out what’s wrong with one of the wheels and the guy says “Never mind, I think it feels like a million bucks” suggesting the cash was hidden inside the tire.

My memory is that this movie was titled Pointman or Point Man but it is NOT the '94 made for TV pilot starring Jack Scalia. There was a nude/sex scene early in the movie that would have gotten it an R rating.