Chasing themselves through "timetravel"

Im looking for a relatively new movie 2010-2018. Its kind of like arrival/terminator, viewers dont really know what is happening until we see it happen again.

I dont remember alot of this movie at all. The characters have some kind of important tech/weapon or something like that, that they are wanted for. Alot of shooting and being chased.

They need to remember steps they have taken before.
The only scene i remember, they are in a hanger and this character is shooting through doors/walls/glass at a guy chasing him, and later he is on the other side of this glass and he is the one being shot at, by humself from the former “timeline”.
So they kind of go back in time and need to keep the first one going. (Like in Harry Potter when they need to push their past selves in the right direction after using the timeturner)

I think that in the end of the hangar-scenes they need to get out before some gas kills them.

I believe you are looking for tenet

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Its tenet! Thank you!
Just looked at the trailer and I cant believe how badly I explained it haha.