Child is kidnapped - psycho couple

The plot involves a cop (opening scene shows him going down on his wife in the laundry room).

His son is kidnapped in a parking lot by a seemingly pleasant man and woman. They have a van or a large RV i dunno. Other children are inside that we presume are their kids.

The rest of the movie is about the parents trying to find their son. The son meanwhile uncovers the sinister reality of the couple who picked him up - they’ve been kidnapping children, keeping them in their house and have a room in the house that’s all waterproofed for torture.

In the end the parents locate the son thanks to him somehow getting a message through to them (mobile phone? I can’t remember).

The children are saved and the psycho couple captured. One moment I recall is the male kidnapper breaks down and says “she made me do it, she made me do it”.

Any one know what the heck this movie is? Been bugging me for years - saw it at the cinema, found it deeply unentertaining and upsetting, but couldn’t remember its title. Movie was released around 2000s time.

I believe the movie is Running Scared (2006)

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Thank you very much. Indeed it was a weird segue in the storyline but it was the part that stuck with me the most. Thank you for the answer! Awful movie either way LOL

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