Child sleeping (or resting in the room) and carriage driving scenes flashing back and forth

This is one of the scenes that stayed with me for a long time, but I don’t have even the slightst idea where it comes from.

The film (or TV series) was made before 2003/2004, since I have seen it in 1999-2004 period.
I remember only a few details:

  • it was set in some sort of a mansion (think southern/antebellum mansion, but it might also be a British Georgian mansion or something similar)
  • the scene that has stayed with me all this time consists of a child (I THINK it was a boy) in the room. He was either sleeping or resting. The other scene was carriage driving extremely carelessly. I don’t know if the scene was real or if the boy was having a nightmare. The two scenes were interlocked - there were few seconds of the boy and then few seconds with the carriage. There was possibly a storm going on, but it might be something I added to my memory afterwards.
  • the film was shown at around 20:00, so I don’t think it was some horror movie, more likely just a period drama set in the 19th century Britain or the USA

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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