Children rule adults by rock paper scissors motion, mind control (?) Late 60s/ early 70s color

Bunch of teens/preteens take over, control adults by inflicting pain on them by doing a fist pounding motion or a shaking movement which debilitates the adults(?) Would be pre-1974

Village of the Damned - 1960 -Village of the Damned (1960) Official Trailer - George Sanders, Peter Vaughan Movie HD - YouTube Or one of the remakes. John Carpenter remade it in 1995/6. last year a streaming service remade it under the book’s original title, The Midwich Cukoos.

Someone else suggested that yesterday. The one I’m thinking of would be pre '74, and in color. The kids didn’t use their eyes to inflict pain, it was a fist shaking motion. Thanks for the reply!

That sounds like the Star Trek episode, “And the Children Shall Lead”:

That is so close! I saw it last week also. I’m wondering if I’m transposing memories or if that director used that elsewhere

Maybe check out Brotherhood of Satan. I don’t remember if that hand motion is in it, but I believe I remember children doing bad things…

It’s not this is it?