Chinese or taiwan movie low budget of the 2000s,man of 18 years old that was possesed by an entity doing a fight dancing in a corridor of departments to ther rivals in front of them,he win dancing upside down in the ceiling, the rivals frighten and run

This movie is of the year 2000s with a duration of 1 hour and a half of chinese or taiwanese . He is a man of 18 years old and he is possesed of an evil entity , he has his eyes closed or white all the time is possesed and he gets out his room in corridor of many rooms, he sees 3 guys of sames ages, they are dancing with hiphop or electronic music. Then the posseed man begins to dance impresively, the others mens begins to dance to rivalize to him, finally the possesed wins dancing climbing in the walls and finally dancing upside down on the ceiling, the other men get frighten and run away. This movie is low budget, good script , not CGI allmost all the time. Is that kind of generic chinese movies that were about ghosts storys.