Christopher Plummer 1990's TV Movie - Boat Captain

There was a TV Movie shown on one of the american television networks in, I believe, the first half of the 1990’s which had two young couples on a sailboat which for some reason I don’t recall, becomes disabled. Their distress call is answered by a small boat captained by Christopher Plummer who is helped by his simple minded son. He offers to tow them to the nearest port but along the way decides he would rather claim the boat as salvage and in order to do that must get rid of the people on the sailboat. In the end, he ends up in a battle of wits with one of the women who is his last obstacle. This doesn’t seem to appear on any list of Christopher Plummer movies that I’ve found. Thanks for any help in naming this movie.

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Thanks so much. I saw the movie in the mid-90’s and just assumed that it must have been made around then, so didn’t bother looking in the movie lists for anything as early as 1980.

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desperate voyage