Classic Asian horror movie. Help!

I remember watching an old Asian horror movie when I was younger & I’ve been trying to find it yet come up with nothing.

I think it was Japanese, but I could be wrong. The subject was that there was this really run down convenience store & there was something really creepy about it.
I remember one scene where a schoolgirl was stood outside & she saw creepy white faces (very similar in visual style to the grudge & ring type of horror makeup) in the window.
I think it might have been a movie about how the shop was cursed & it kept trapping souls in it, but again, I can’t be 100% sure.

There is a film called Cursed that was about a haunted convenience store but that’s not the one.

The store in the movie I’m looking for was squeezed in amongst a row of run-down shops, lots of flyers & stuff in the window. It was incredibly dark inside & so creepy.
Can’t remember more than that. I think it was around the 2000’s when I saw it, could have been earlier, in the 90’s.

I think it’s one of those old classic horror movies that came out around the time of Battle Royale, The Host etc. please help!

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Wild guess