Comedy and action movie from 80s - suitcase handcuffed to hand and funny situations

I’m looking for a comedy / action movie from 80’s (it isn’t newer than 1989, definitely). The story is connected with a guy who had a suitcase handcuffed to his hand and this guy tries to free himself from the suitcase (I don’t think he knows what’s in it). He struggles with it, tries to break free in various ways, cut the handcuffs, etc. (it is during almost whole plot of a movie).

Until at the very end he somehow succeeds (someone helps him) and throws the suitcase in front of him.A leaf falling from a tree lands on the suitcase after which it explodes! It turned out that in the suitcase was a very sensitive bomb or something like that. I remember that the last sentence of the main character after the explosion was something like: “so that you know what I did with that suitcase…”.

Any idea?


“The Persuaders!” TV Series, Season 1, Episode 11, episode titled:
“Chain of Events”

You can watch the complete episode on YouTube here, at the end of the episode, ca. at the 0:50:07 mark you can see when the suitcase explodes when a leaf falls upon it, and prior to that Tony Curtis says: “You woud not believe what I have been doing to that case.”: