Could not find/remember the name of this movie

Dear all,
could anybody help me identify this movie I saw many years ago on either HBO or star movies. it was aired on either of these two channels in 1996 to 2000 time period when I was a kid.

following is the description:

It seemed to me a Latin american movie in which a young man (seems ex-soldier) is travelling on a road and meets a young woman carrying a baby. both travel on the road. some civilians travelling on road are surrounded by soldiers lead by a crazy army officer. this crazy officer is seen carelessly shaving and orders his soldiers to massacre civilians. the mother caught among the civilians and is killed. the baby was with the man when the mother was killed. it is shown that the man hides himself and the baby while the people are massacred along with the mother.the man saves the baby and is travelling with the baby when he meets another women who starts taking care of the baby.


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Hi Suri. I love this film, its very well made. but its so harrowing and sad. It is called ‘Savior’ with Dennis Quaid (1998). Hope this answers your question. Xx

Dear Reeljean,
Thank you for helping me find this movie. I checked it on youtube, it is the same movie I remembered from my childhood days. I had seen only the end part of the movie. It is based on real events that happened in former Yugoslavian state.
Thanks again.

surinder singh

Aww youre welcome. I am also going to watch it again. Its really good :heart:
Glad i could help xx

I saw some parts of “savior” on youtube it seems to be a great movie especially since it is based on real events in former Yugoslavia. will watch the full movie sometime later.